It’s all starting to come together

It’s all starting to come together. The sun is out, it is getting warmer and this last week I felt strong. I don’t train, haven’t done for years but I do try to ride wisely. By wise I mean not over doing it. The golden rule is no more that 10% a max per week, no more than 25% at your anaerobic threshold and the rest easy. The rest and easy is the hardest bit of any training program and it is the bit that I am worse at, exacerbated by my inability to sleep much after 5am. It becomes so much of an obsession that rest is all that I think about.

Despite not training it is coming together. The Tuesday night thrashes are intervals and when you look into improving performance intervals are just about the only way to increase speed and power. Last Tuesday instead of suffering I was actually surprised at how much longer my intervals were and how quick my recovery was.

Tired but enjoying the sun
Tired but enjoying the sun

I decided that, yesterday, what I needed was distance over speed. I am gearing up for the South Downs Way. I wanted to do 60 miles-ish and arranged to meet up with my American power house buddy. The rest of the group consisted of Joe my brother, John- the runner and Christian the Tri-boy. Eventually John and Christian went back and we carried on up and down, out into wind and back into wind. I did a lot of work up front which made me think about my last blog. Power, speed and position all seem to be just right. Roll on Friday and the first of the Hove Park Criteriums.

To help me recover I follow every ride with a recovery drink. I am currently using SIS Rego Rapid and then the SIS night time recovery drink too. I alternate between SIS and ZipVit depending on what we have in.

Here is the ride on Strava.  Sunny, very cold to start with and windy out and back

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