More and more riders!

Last night there were 22 riders out for the Tuesday Thrash. It is amazing what a bit of good weather can do. The same was the case on Sunday. I saw riders on virtually every stretch of road from families, sportive riders to various levels of sports rider. Car drivers are beginning to notice. The more they notice the safer the roads will be and, as a consequence, the more riders we will see.

Last night was incredible with 22 riders. It was truly awesome to see the bunch riding through the streets of Worthing and there must have been half a dozen car horn hoots of encouragement. I had suggested that we split the group but you know what most riders are like, they all want to hang on to the front. There were some familiar faces back and they were strong ones too so, despite the numbers, the group went off fast.

My plan had been to take it easy as I know that going full tilt on Tuesday my legs will still hurt Friday. I felt so strong Sunday that although my legs felt great last night I understand my body well enough to know that deep down they would still need to recover. I don’t want to waste my current form for the Hove Park Crit on Friday. So after the first lap I waited for the first timers and cruised around with them. I still hope they found it hard because that is what Tuesday is for. It is supposed to hurt – but its worth it.

Come along if you want to experience a ride with some faster riders but be prepared to be dropped.

Here’s the ride. Not enough wind to either bother or excite.

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