Wake up call

I rode the Hove Park Crit yesterday. Bad ride! I felt nervous and weak and had no strength on the climb. I rode a near perfect race keeping out of trouble and safe near the front but each time that we climbed the S out of the bottom corner my legs really ached. I knew that I had to be in the front group at the start of the last climb. I lost a couple of places with my legs screaming. None of the old JP-braking-through-the-pain-barrier in my super competitive style. As it flattened out I found some speed and was able to sprint for a pathetic 11th. Not good news as I had confidently predicted that a top 10 would have been easy for me.

No advantage being low on such a short circuit
No advantage being low on such a short circuit

I had felt so good last Sunday, I took it easy (but obviously not easy enough) on Tuesday and have been having SIS Rego with my breakfast museli every day. But last night was a wakeup call for me. There is no doubt that I am getting stronger but I need to work on the hills. I may look light weight but my power to weight ratio is not good. I will have to start going for it on the Tuesday climbs. Thanks must go to Martin for giving me some encouragement but maybe he made me over confident as we planned our tactics on the ride over. Can’t wait for the nest pasting!

Here’s the ride. Thanks to Brighton Mitre for a great event: Hove Park Crits.

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