We are now a cycling nation and its warm too. Enjoy!

It was the 2nd of June and I went out for my first ride this year in summer gear. Prior to this I have ridden a few times with arm warmers and braved the weather but most of my rides in the last month have started with arm warmers and a wind proof gilet. But it has been worth the wait. I even have a tan line on legs and arms. Its been over 18 months since I could enjoy riding like this.

Yesterday I went on a short and easy spin as my legs were aching so much from the walking last week in a cold, damp and snowy Alps (so much for it being a warm sunny break). One remarkable fact is that despite the last 18months of rain and cold the roads are teeming with cyclists. I saw riders of all shapes, sizes, ages and types on just about every bit of road that I was on. We are a cycling nation! Yesterday the numbers were so great that virtually all of the cars were traveling “bike aware”. Thank you drivers. I couldn’t relax as if I was in France like last week but I did begin to feel that I wasn’t in a war zone.

There were times when I got really hot and, as my ride was social, I would cool down but body temperature stayed fine thanks to my kit. I harp on almost every blog about clothing as it is so important. I, for one, want to be comfortable, Yesterday, I wore a Northwave Evolution jersey £84.99 and worth every penny plus a Pearl Izumi Transfer lite base layer. Not many riders round here want to spend that much so I managed to get some for just £49.99. I also got some Pearl Izumi Elite jerseys that were £69.99 and we have them for £39.99. I’d never ride without a base layer winter of summer and this year have taken a light gilet on nearly every ride. These are the cheapest and yet the most useful bits of clothing that you can own.

Here is the ride

Screen grab from my wife's phone
Screen grab from my wife’s phone

I used my Garmin Edge 510. I didn’t have to worry about being late back as my wife could follow me all the way and knew exactly where I was. Check out the screen grab from her phone. She doesn’t need an app she just gets an e-mail when I press start on the Garmin. Awesome.

I might even share some of my rides on Facebook.


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  1. Lee Jasper says:

    Simon an I went to Eastbourne from Lewes yesterday and i have to agree , we both commented on how many other riders were out . What a beautiful day it was !! And of course the ubiquitous ramblers ( oh how we love them ? )

    1. I presume that that was an off road reccy. So much for the warm weather, I came in in a Tee shirt and was freezing by lunch time.

      1. Lee Jasper says:

        Yep. we went from the tap on the A27 to the top of Eastbourne and back. lots of climbing but a good 40 mile training loop ! weather warming up all week now as well !!

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