Mountain biking can be very social – but needs to be done more often

I used to ride fifty fifty road and mountain bike but, in part due to the weather, I have been almost exclusively riding on the road for the last year. One reason for this is that when you go for a road ride that is what you do. You , I, ride! So often mountain biking involves a lot of other stuff. There can be a lot less riding. You stop to get through a get, you stop to fix something (my headset yesterday), you get punctures, to wait for a mate, you admire the view, you have a chat…. the list goes on. On the road, mechanicals are rare and everything else including the waiting can be done whilst pedaling.

Yesterday, I wasn’t too lively after celebrating my youthful mother’s 80th  and, continuing the family theme, I was meeting my brother, brother in law and others. I headed straight for The Blue Run and first up met Kevin, nice to follow a competent rider on his NS Soda, back up I met a trail builder and looked on in amazement at the Black Run. I rode down again and then met my brothers group and took them down the Blue. It proved too much for some. I know how they felt walking sections as I had bottled out of rolling into the chalk pit – lost my nerve – not enough mountain biking!!! I left them and met Jimbo, Tom and Mike so again had a competent crew to follow down. Finally on the way back I met another bunch one of whom had our demo Genius 920. All in all a very social session and I hardly raised a sweat. I had a great time. Thanks for the company guys!

I used my Kinesis FF29, great bike, but without a quick release seat clamp no rear suspension I was really envious of the rider that I met with the Scott Genius 920. He had just bought our demo. All I could think about was “if I’d been on that I might have had a chance of keeping up with the locals”. More practice needed, more mountain biking.

Livetracker map 090613
Livetracker map 090613

Livetracker photo 090613Using a Garmin Edge 510 my wife was able to follow me but was really confused as to why I kept going round and round and stopping. That is why she zoomed in. These are screen grabs from her phone.

Here is the ride  – I can’t wait for Tuesday’s Thrash.

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