Cars aren’t all bad

More new faces, it’s getting faster, the wind is dropping (at last) and the bunch stayed together.  That is a good summary of last night’s ride.

Cars were an issue but not all bad. British drivers have been brain washed by their parents to think that they have rights way above any other user of the roads. Think of all of those parents driving to school with their kids strapped in so they can’t hide from the anger and abuse that loving mum and dad bestow upon other users of the roads. Is it any wonder that for those kids road rage is an acceptable, neigh, necessary part of being a road user in Britain? And if the parents haven’t done a good job of indoctrinating their loving babies be assured that the government would finish the job off.

It is going to be a tough job changing the mindset of the average Brit. You can start now by showing consideration when driving your children or grand children.

However, it wasn’t all bad last night. Many drivers gave us space and even cheers (well, they were shouting) as we rode around. For me the high point of the night was the tow from the police car. The police led us down George the V and onto the Prom. Someone bet Ben that he wouldn’t pass it. So he did. I got onto the bumper and got towed most of the way along but they were too slow. So arriving at Crescent Rd we accelerated passed the police car, past Ben, on to the next car, passed that and then on to, and passed, another. It was nice to finish the seafront blast at 30+mph. Thanks cars I got a PR and it wasn’t wind assisted.

Is it getting faster or am I getting slower? I seem to be doing an awful lot of chasing recently.

Here is the ride. The start was a bit fraught as, for the second time, I forgot my jersey so had to cycle home at twenty to seven. A bit of a rush.

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