Scott Foil is a Strava winner

They say that it’s all in the mind and another great quote is “it’s not about the bike”. Well I don’t know about that. Last night I was dreading the ride thinking that my legs would not be up to it. I sat in for long periods and struggled to close the gaps when I got dropped. All in all I thought that it was going to be a slow Tuesday Thrash.

What I didn’t consider was what I was riding and what the others were doing. I was on a Scott Foil 20. This bike is truly remarkable. It feels fast even when you are not making an effort. If you need to close a gap you simply kick on the pedals and it goes. The gap just closes. I wasn’t used to this but it gave me such confidence that I reaslied, regardless of how much my legs hurt, all I needed to do to go faster was to drop down to a bigger gear and hit the power: boom – the Foil flew.

I keep going back to my trusty and beautiful Wilier Cento Uno – a bit of Italian class and style (like a Ferrari), but for sheer grunt and power the Foil beats it hands down. I was in good company too. There was a yellow one (my favourite), a grey one with Di2, an Orica Greenedge, black and green one and my red one. The Scott Foil is our most successful road bike on a sales over time calibration.

I have just uploaded the ride into Strava and I am genuinely shocked to see my times. All credit must go to the Scott Foil, the rest of the group and perhaps, not doing my usual tendency to go off the front, I was riding more wisely. Of course, Strava could be wrong. After all it is only Strava, but we love it!

Here is the ride, warm and the traffic lights and traffic flowed in our favour.

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  1. andytedd says:

    I rode a Foil 10 back to back with a Zero 7 – if you asked me which felt best (without looking at times) i would have said the Wilier, it was just like mine only 6.3kg. But the Foil is just way way faster, I was 30s quicker up Barhatch without setting it up properly. And it makes you want to ride hard 🙂

    1. 30sec on Barhatch is an incredible advantage. I still ride my Cento most of the time because it looks good but have to admit that the Foid is so exciting.

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