Cyclist can be idiots to, don’t always blame the drivers

Last evening’s ride looked like fun with a lot of new faces. I try to greet them all as many riders often younger keep themselves to themselves and that is when you get that cold, exclusive feeling sometimes joining a new cycle group. The Tuesday ride is far from that, on the contrary, there is a lot of banter and ribbing. But it must be noted that you won’t get much response if the ribbing is confined to words. You need to match it with legs and lungs.

I was only going to ride two laps as my big bro was down and I was feeling decidedly under the weather, perhaps a hangover from Sunday’s blast. So the ride went off fairly steady with no really hard efforts. It was going to be a jolly, or so I thought.

Cruising down the Prom at about 30mph a pedestrian crossing light turned red. Just as for cars it went amber first. A moment’s hesitation and the front runners blasted through. Prats (self edited the original phrase)! That sort of riding gets me more incensed than bad drivers. We all know that normal people become morons as soon as the ignition key is turned but we are cyclists, more tuned into the road and its dangers. I was livid, waited for the lights to change and then chased down the leaders. I spoke to one youngster, the only one that I saw pass through the lights. His answer was that at 30mph (I am sure that he said 40 – now that is over the top) it is too risky to stop. He obviously doesn’t drive. The law is the same for drivers and, whilst they don’t have a good track record, I have never seen one go through red on a pedestrian crossing. The amber gives you enough time to stop.

The Tuesday ride that Glyn organised is fun. It is fast if you want it to be. It is also dangerous. Many riders are too frightened to race because it is scary travelling at speed in a bunch. But that is racing and riders are soon made aware of the dangers. The Tuesday Thrash is a lot like racing a 4th cat race with one exception, there is the sheep like bunch mentality, the greater the number, the safer you are. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, the drivers have a recognisable group to try to avoid or let through but the risk of crashing is way more than in a road race with so many inexperienced riders.  I, for one, concentrate more on Tuesday nights than I ever have in an actual race. I can’t bear the thought of clipping a wheel at 30mph with oncoming traffic. Take it easy guys!


I don’t want drivers to think that I, as cyclist, am no better than them.

Here’s my short ride. I felt bad dropping out after two laps and Paul was riding well but we haven’t seen each other for a while and needed to eat. Well done Bro! I hope the rest of the groups enjoyed the last lap and got home safely.

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