It’s not all about racing

I wanted to celebrate wearing my new Quest Adventure jersey and for some reason I chose the dirt. I don’t know why. Perhaps it is because my closest association with racing jerseys has been on a mountain bike. One of my greatest personal achievements, I remember it well, was walking out of the Ford head office at Dagenham with a £50,000 deal to fund the UK Kona mountain bike team. Our two hot shots at the time were Tracy Moseley and Scott Beaumont. 13 years on they are both still on top. Tracy is leading the Enduro World Series and Scott, consistently ranked top ten in the world, has just secured overall winner in the 2013 Schwalbe Euro 4X Series. Well done guys.

Frustrated that I couldn’t get to Brighton Big Dog on Saturday I thought I go for a hard ride in long distance race mode (I would have done the solo). All went well despite being stung on the forehead by a wasp until I finally gave in to the need for a photo of the “jersey” which turned out unusable.  I never got going again after that and I adopted an “enjoying riding style”. It rained which was a novel and enjoyable experience. The jersey performed in the wet and the warm rain washed clean my blood covered arms. One of the hazards of tight single track at this time of year is the overgrown undergrowth. I got home clean!

JP happy in his new jersey
JP happy in his new jersey

Why so long for the jersey? I hadn’t thought about a Quest Adventure Team as, following on from Kona, my expectations and view of costs were too high. But, thanks to Janet we have a great jersey that I can wear with pride. Quest Adventure is not about racing despite what you might think reading my blogs, but it is about motivating and inspiring riders of all levels of ability and types of riding. Hopefully some of you either motivated or inspired might want to wear one too.

Here’s the ride. I enjoyed the ups and downs in Houghton Forest (Whiteways) and can see well why the downs are downs and the ups are ups having ridden them both ways around. Yesterday’s ride wasn’t planned so the next time that I go out trying to get some KOMs back I won’t do it with sore legs from running too hard (always good to have an excuse…).

I have put a shorter stem (70mm) on the Whyte 29C and I think that gives me a more comfortable and efficient position for climbing.

Endura MTR kit is a nice match for our jerseys. I’ve got a Whyte 29 Team (orange and black) coming to match too. What am I going to do about the helmet?

For all Big Dog results click here.

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