Autumn and motivation – Scott Addict inspires

What a morning? Joy of joys, this is the autumn. This is without doubt the best season of the year. Winter is grim. Spring never seems to arrive. Summer often disappoints. But autumn is magical. The day can start with a chill mist and frost and then be glorious in the sun at mid day. It’s my favourite time to be out in the hills usually on my bike, the lure of the dirt often snags at my passion for the road and often a ride will be followed by a walk.

Local trail
Local trail in autumn glory

Thanks to modern clothing you can remain warm and toasty whatever the weather. Don’t ever complain, especially to yourself, that you are not going to enjoy a ride in the autumn. You have no excuse, there’s plenty of good kit to wear!  It does rain but you don’t have to ride every day. It does get muddy so be sensible about route choice. If it is raining remember that you don’t have to ride every single day. Wait for it to stop or do something that is great in the rain, run. Even walking is fun in a downpour just as long as you have some waterproofs. For cycling or running waterproofing is not usually a priority in the comfort stakes but walking wet is a drag.

The reasons why I am so aware of the joys of this autumn is that I can’t ride, run or even walk that much. I have had my stomach sliced open and my six pack stitched together (hernia repair). This is doubly frustrating as I have started this most exciting of seasons as fit as I can remember.  In fact my heart was performing so well in hospital that the HR low warning light came on every time that they checked my blood pressure.

Scott Addict 10
Scott Addict 10 – dream machine…..

The reasons that I started writing this blog was to help inspire those that lacked the motivation that I had. Many a time it was the responsibility of the blog that dragged me out of bed at dawn on a wet and horrible day to test a new bike or route. I am super motivated right now.  I went into hospital having customised my Whyte 29 Team and ridden a Scott Addict 10. Since then all I have done is dream about riding the Addict. I know the Whyte well, I did the South Downs Way on a 29C. But the Addict is something else. I have ridden countless bikes and every now and then you ride one that stands out, one that is remarkable, a bike that makes you feel invincible. The Addict did just that: 7.11kg/15.64lbs out the box (I’ve got the cheap one). The Orica-Green Edge Team Issue is 6.17kg/13.57lbs. I have gone back to a 53/39 so, combined with an MTB proportioned 11/28 eleven speed cassette, I get more usable and lower gears than my current 50/34 ten speed 11/23…….

All I can do is dream. No doubt I’ll write up my first turbo session on the Bkool. I will be back soon and, believe me, that pent up frustration and my motivation is going to take me to a whole new level in 2014, who’s up for a ride?

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