How far is too far? (To commute)

I usually cycle into the shop. It takes about 10 minutes and I believe that it is one of the single most important parts of my fitness. It provides the launch pad for all other activities. People often make too big a deal about exercise, joining clubs, getting coaches, buying kit etc but they overlook those important daily, even hourly, sessions of activity. It is that regular, seemingly unimportant, raising of the heart beat that keep you in trim, slim and active.

I am not riding at the moment and so am walking instead. Walking home used to be a chore: it took so long compare to cycling. However, I need to exercise and instead of taking the shortest route to get the journey over with I am doing the opposite and making the journey as long as I can. Just as you sometimes add in that extra single track or narrow lane on the bike so I am adding extra to my walk. Luckily my route to work takes me over or around Cissbury. The dog can’t believe her luck.

I was worried that the post operation inactivity would mean a loss of fitness and increase in weight but in fact I am losing weight and still keeping fit: result! So now the distance between home and the shop doesn’t seem far at all. In fact it is not far enough. I have been forced into this situation and as I walked along the A27 this morning, at approximately the same speed as the traffic, I wondered how many of those drivers will ever be compelled to walk or ride to work. They could ride either all the way or part of the way: walk or cycle to the station, get fit and healthy, stimulate the brain by reading on the train and leave the roads clear for those that have to drive.

In case you think that I have it easy I did spend 16 years commuting to London and usually (three times per week) did the last 10 miles by bike which saved an hour’s driving a day. I bet it would not take the average A27 commuter much longer than now to get the train and think of the benefits.

How many jobs do you know that pay you to get fit and healthy? All of them if you take the right approach.

So, drivers ,make the most of it now because the traffic will be worse tomorrow.

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