I’m back!

Whyte 29C Team over Steyning
Whyte 29C Team over Steyning

There were many high point’s today not least a South African flag at half mast in Steyning, worthy of a fist in the air and a thumbs up. Add to that the warm weather, dry trails, a deep covering of crisp leaves and the fact that I was actually riding. I was happy.

In the week that some one so remarkable has left us to try to follow his example of forgiveness, humility, love and tolerance my happiness seems miss timed. Forgive me.

I have been monitoring the weather and trail conditions during my hernia hiatus and reckon that this is one of the best and longest periods of good riding that I can remember – and have missed. I have been walking a lot so know the trails. I was desperate to get on my Whyte 29 Team.

Trails at their best
Trails at their best – near the end of The Blue Run

I can still pedal but have lost power. Before the op I was as fit as I have ever been. I always had an extra gear. When that wasn’t enough I would let the turbo kick in and if I needed more I could flick the nitrous switch. Paul Walker would know what I mean. Today I didn’t even have the extra gear. No worries, I know how the tune my engine.

I met a lot of riders. One was worried about the leaves as he could not see what he feared most. Leaves are good. They hide your fears. You can concentrate on the correct line and focus on the exit and relax. Relax and imagine a perfectly smooth trail. Forget those roots. Bike design is so good today that your bike will, especially in these excellent conditions, always do the right thing. Believe in it and relax. You are the only one that will cause it to fail. After passing on this advice I checked his tyres. They were rock hard. Thankfully it was dry and he was still upright. Run your tyres soft when you think that the roots are slippery. It was all in his mind as the trails couldn’t have been safer.

Virtually clean bike in December!!
Virtually clean bike in December. Amazing!

As for me, my Whyte 29er X-C-209-C Team carbon wheels shod with Maxxis Beaver EXO gave me the impression that I would never lose control. It was as if I was riding on rails.

Well, it was good to be riding again, no running for a couple more weeks but now I am back. Roll on the winter!

Here is the ride, a bit all over the place!

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