Easing back into cycling on the NC2

My last decent ride was on a 160k on the 20th October and that was warm enough for shorts and jersey albeit rather wet. Of course I have had a few short rides since and did a some running but since the 6th November I have done nothing bar a couple of trips to town last week.

The Adur Ferry Bridge
The Adur Ferry Bridge

All I did yesterday was ride to see the new bridge in Shoreham. It is amazing and looks fantastic although it does seem a bit bizarre that something so “perfect” should be constructed in an area where there is no other proper provision for cyclists other than the Down’s Link. It is a bit of a tease showing what we could have if only there was the will. Sadly, whatever the rhetoric, the record locally is that nothing is being done for cyclists. Please note, it is not just a cycle path, its main function is to link the Shoreham Beach community with the town.

I rode there on the road and probably went too quick for my first run out so returned along

Shoreham from Adur Ferry Bridge
Wide enough to be safe and pleasant with views through the glass panels

the National Cycle Route 2. It was interesting to experience how relatively wide and safe the narrow route from Shoreham to Lancing felt where it is a shared path and how narrow and dangerous it seemed where the path was segregated from Lancing to Worthing’s Promenade.

Arriving in Worthing there is no obvious link to the Town Centre to FindonValley cycle route. Fortunately I am familiar with it and so did not get lost but I did back track several times trying to see if there were signs marking the route. If you were new to cycling it would be a struggle to follow the route from the town centre, further out it is easier to follow. Sadly there is not a Worthing map for cyclists.

It was good to be riding again and I look forward to being signed off to ride, run and be generally active again next Friday.

Bike: Ridgeback Panorama, great for the Down’s Link too. Get a Down’s Link map here.

A ride to Shoreham would be great with the family or for anyone wanting an easy ride and at this time of the year the NC2 is not as busy as it is in the summer.

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