Great winter weather and the Scott Addict 10

As I look out of the window at the rain I can’t help thinking how good the weather has been this winter. If you listen to some people or follow the BBC you could imagine that we were facing Armageddon. Let’s get things into perspective. It is winter. This morning it was warm and dry when I rode to the shop. Yesterday I rode in dry, mild but windy conditions. Last Thursday morning’s ride was warm, dry and windy of course. The previous Sunday was chilly but clear blue skies. I could go on. The only day that I have got wet this year was New Year ’s Day but the ride started warm and dry. I was away over Christmas so no comment but before then each ride was dry. In the time that it has taken to write this paragraph the rain has stopped and the sky is turning blue.

Here are two facts: No 1 it is January, winter,  what do you expect? And No 2 its warmer than it has been for years. Get out and enjoy it! Some of the mountain bike fraternity may be complaining about the mud but if you take a look the Rubberhat group anyone would think that this was one of their best winters ever. They seem to be getting on with it regardless of the gloop. I ride everyday and have not got wet, despite dressing for the wet, on any journey to the shop or around town. Got rained on walking the dog but not on my bike!

If it was cold it might be a different story. If you haven’t got the right gear then it’s you not the weather to blame.

Scott Addict 10 – first impression

Scott Addict 10
Scott Addict 10 – dream machine…..

I started my recovery to fitness riding my Ridgeback Panorama touring bike (12.75kgs) but have now switched to the Scott Addict 10 (7.11kgs). Wow! What a difference? Weight is king when it comes to performance and riding pleasure. The first thing that I should say about the Addict is that it is a perfect fit. If you take a size 45 shoe then most size 45s will fit but there is always going to be one that fits better than any other, as if it was custom made for your foot. That is the score with the Addict for me. My Wilier Cento Uno was like that but over the last couple of years I have got lower on the bike and the Campagnolo hoods on the Cento make the reach just too short when down low. This was not something that bothered me and the bike is still awesome but the Addict fits better. The Addict feels as stiff and fast but is more comfortable. It is a smoother ride than the Foil and the Foil still feels like a WRCS Impreza on steroids. When you read that the Foil is stiff, it is, but not like any aluminium road bike, its positively silk like compared with an aluminium frame.

I like the Addict. One other difference is the gearing. I have a 53/39 which offers me a wider range. The advantage for me with the compact on the Wilier was that it encouraged me to ride in the big ring most of the time. I felt that this was making me stronger.  On most hills I’d be pushing big to big but have since learnt that this is costing me up to 5% of my power. My big chain ring is now worn like an over aged mountain bike middle ring. Another cost as they are £95.

Once I feel that I am back to form I will write up the Addict in more detail. In the meantime I have recently learnt that the Orica Green Edge Team use the same frame. They don’t use the much talked about SL frame.

Here’s the ride. We headed east as long as we could but the wind eventually got the better of us. It was the South Down’s Way Team and nice a social.

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  1. Paul says:

    Am looking forward to reading your updated review on the Scott Addict 10, as I am soon to purchase one here Down Under. Was tossing up between that and a Fondriest TF3 1.2 which I think looks great, but the weight difference between them swayed me towards the Scott. Your comments here welcome. Thanks, Paul.

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