Lap dancing– awesome! Who’d think it was winter?

Winter is usually the time for easy miles, cold wet days and all your effort goes into keeping your spirits up. That is usually, but this is winter 2014. Last night it was mild with a promise of rain for eight so the plan was changed and we swapped quiet country lanes for the streets of Worthing.

Our boring traffic clogged town turns into a veritable playground in the evening. As the cars get parked for the night so the boys go out to play. From seven on the roads are free for cyclists and, boy, do we take advantage of that. It was only the first “session” of the year so the efforts weren’t full tilt but, nevertheless, the ride was exciting with riders testing and teasing each other as the speed wound up.

The rain held off until we started the third lap but even then it wasn’t heavy and being warm our spirits weren’t dampened. It’s good to be back and riding the most fun way that I know.

I used the Scott Addict 10 again and can report that I seemed to be in the same place on the block as I would be with my compact but I now have bigger chain rings. That can’t be bad. I am happy to report that the new generation far eastern produced Continental Grand Sport Race tyres seem to be a match for their home produced German cousins. There are a lot of corners on this circuit and wet too. No need to change them like last year’s offering.

Here’s the ride. Roll on next Tuesday! Thanks for the company guys. How many were there? 15? Did anyone count?

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