Any more of this and I’ll end up mountain biking!

If you read my blogs you will probably be sick of my ever positive attitude to riding and the current conditions. Since my lay off I had written that, despite the weather, I had only ridden in dry conditions (road riding). Things have changed but not for the worse.

The last three rides have started damp and finished soaking. I feel like a triathlete combining swim and cycle training together. Now any normal soul would be moaning and ordering a Bkool turbo trainer from us but not me.

Why am I not put off by the weather? There are four reasons on no particular order. It is still unseasonably warm. I am starting the year more or less where I finished it last October (it took me 10 months to get to that fitness). I’ve got the gear: tights, semi-water proof tights, jackets, base layers, boots and the latest edition the gloves (Scott LF Gore Windstopper Winter glove) and as much lighting firepower to illuminate a small village. I have a new bike, the Scott Addict 10, which is blowing me away with its sheer comfort and speed. So enthused am I by the riding that I am even looking longingly at my mountain bike and thinking that even the mud can’t be that bad when it is this wet.

My only problem, as manifest by last night’s ride, I can’t stop. I was supposed to take the evening off. I know my body and it is telling me to have an easy week. How do you do that? I bought a heart rate monitor (Garmin Edge 510) to slow me down but all I do is ignore it, powering along at threshold level. A cold or injury might be the only thing to stop me riding.

I hope that you’re not missing out.

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