Are drugs good? I love my Addict

If you mean chemicals that stimulate the body and mind then I would say yes. We all appreciate the nice sensation that they produce. However, before answering the question fully we must first look at how they are manufactured. Thanks to the efforts of the western world we have seen a 26% increase in poppy production in Afghanistan. Now this may be good for the Afghani economy but not so good for the well being of our more vulnerable population. Let us assume that you produce the drugs yourself. Is that better? I am not talking about growing your own or home brew but a better source of your euphoria. Let assume that you produce those chemicals internally, in your own body by your own efforts. Now that is good!

Last night I experienced many sensations caused by the chemicals whizzing through my veins. I experienced excitement, fear, highs and lows, some pain and some pleasure but nothing beat the full body sensation of my warm down as rode easily near my house. I could only have felt as good as I did by going through the previous effort of the ride that evening. The sensation of relief is not orgasmic but it does come (excuse the pun) in on the same scale. As my body warmed down and the muscles eased and loosened my mind also relaxed and I experienced a total lack of stress. I felt, how would you best describe it, high.

You can’t buy this and the sensation is directly related to the effort that you put in. So when you hear the expression “no pain – no gain” remember that it is not all bad. Unlike other artificial highs there is no post euphoric come down in the form of depression or hangover. In fact the more often you indulge in the sort of high the better you will feel both mentally and physically. Be warned however, that you may still be buzzing well after bed time.

Next time you or a friend feels the need to get smashed remember that there are other highs and these can become a lifestyle that won’t leave you stigmatised as an alcoholic. For the record, top of the list of cures for depression and stress is exercise, doctors only prescribe drugs because they know how difficult it is for a lot of the population to embrace the concept of exercise. What a complicated world we live in?

Be warned, regular strenuous physical activity is addictive.

Here’s how I got my high. And I’m still buzzing today! Its why I ride! Start racing and it gets even better.

Bike: Scott Addict 10, truly sensational, the only customisation Prologo bar tape and Nago Evo Nack saddle.

Company: 19 friendly happy guys all willing to dig in and have some fun.

Weather: way too warm for winter gear, too hot!

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