Still looking forward to some inclement weather

At last, a chance to dress up. Today is a day for technical clothing, however, despite the forecast yesterday and my excitement for dressing up, the weather let me down twice. I rode early wearing a Kraft baselayer, Gore Windstopper jacket, Endura MTR Softshell bibs (waterproof butt panel) and knee warmers as protection against the elements but it was still frustratingly mild and dry. Later in the day with all my winter walking base/breathable/waterproof/blahblah garb we loaded up the car in torrential rain only to find that we had two hours walking in dry blustery conditions. The skies did open with a biblical deluge but only as we climbed back into the protection of the vehicle. I know that we will all start to moan about the weather soon enough despite the remarkable attributes of modern technical weather proof attire but wouldn’t you just love to put on your favourite protective gear, stick a finger up to the weather and enjoy a good splash about? As far as I can remember this is the end of the longest period of warm weather that I have ever experienced as a cyclist. And haven’t I enjoyed it!

Here is the ride. I am surprise at just how many drivers are so aggressive and antisocial. On an open road and early on a Sunday morning why be so aggressive? Drivers beware! I have a Garmin Virb camera that not only records my ride with all the speed, heartbeat and power data that I need but it also records your misdemeanour’s all to be passed on to Operation Crackdown.

This is quite a nice route despite the drivers. I have been trying to ride easy. But the best that I can manage so far is to ride at or just below threshold. If I could get some miles in even slower I would, so I am told, see some real improvement in power. I know the rules: Never more than 10% of the week at max, never more than 25% at threshold , that leaves 65% of my week at tempo or less. Tempo for me is hardly moving (120 bpm) at that level and one of the main reasons that I ride is to enjoy the sensation of travelling at speed – like all those drivers only I am not threatening anyone to do so.

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