Oooh! What should I wear?

If you have ever read any of these before you’ll probably be aware that I am more of a rider than a tech man. I am not that into the hardware but am into the riding just as long as my bikes are light enough and work perfectly. I have a Stages power crank, I hear you say, and Rotor Q-Rings well these are to help me ride faster, the rings on the day and the crank is a long term investment in increasing my power.

What I am into is my kit: shoes, shorts, baselayers, jackets, gilets… anything that you wear. These are the things that ensure that I have a great time whatever the weather. I have just about all the kit that I need but this leads to problems at this time of year. What combination should I wear? Summer, especially this one, is easy: baselayer, jersey, shorts – as simple as that, and that was for every ride. If the morning or evening was chill I added arm warmers, recently knee warmers and once or twice (so good was our 7 month long 2014 summer) a gilet. A cold winter is easy too: baselayer(s), shorts, tights, softshell jacket and winter boots. But now that autumn has finally arrived (I know November usually heralds the first signs of winter) I struggle to decide just what to wear.

Scott classic cycling cap - Now I have everything!
Scott classic cycling cap – Now I have everything!

Saturday night I got out 2 baselayer options, two short options, tights, knee warmers, longsleeve jersey, jacket, mitts, long finger gloves and Windstopper winter gloves, overshoes and winter boots. I checked the forecast and in the morning kept going in and out to check the temperature and state of the sky. Maybe I just have too many choices. In the end I opted for my best shorts (Endura FS260 Pro SL bibs), tights, longsleeve thin baselayer, Gore Windstopper jacket, Endura MT500 gloves and regular shoes with no covers. One new addition was my Scott cap, finally one that doesn’t blind me on descents. I got it right and was 100% comfortable all the way round and right on queue the sun came out in true Indian summer style on our journey back from Stan’s. My brother was warm and still in his Endura FS260 Jetstream jersey. Who’d have thought it was November?

Stan's Bike Shack
Stan’s Bike Shack, Partridge Green.

You may also know that I don’t do social. Rides are for riding and pubs and cafés  are for socialising. However, it’s not old age but the need to chill out and get in some easy miles that is causing me to think more socially and having Stan’s Bike Shack on our doorstep is making social riding a very pleasant change.

Here is the ride. It is almost a nice route but does involve more main roads than I usually like so if you do, it do it early. The Stan’s stop is a must. It was a wind down ride despite the speed as I sat in more than normal and let the others take the strain. Bike: Scott Addict 10.

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