Worthing’s Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

You could easily argue that we live in what is probably the worst town in the worst county with regard to cycling, cycling infrastructure and the statistics for killed or seriously injured. Of course, there is always an upside to every problem, or injury, we live in one of the most cars biased locations in the country. There is never any money for cycle safety but always something left in the pot for road improvements. Should West Sussex County Council be applauded or castigated? That depends on whether you are looking to the future or still living in the past.

To be fair on the county, it has produced and good  Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Strategy. The great thing about these documents is that they can be used to fend of any demands for safer transport.  “It’s already covered.” “We have the strategy document.” “Of course, we can’t do anything as there is no money…..”

The county plan can only work if the districts and boroughs want it and have their own plan. Our local borough, Adur & Worthing has been working on its own LCWIP (Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan). The draft is available to view here and you are invited to comment. Once you have read the Draft LCWIP you can leave your feedback here.

LCWIP WI have worked closely with the borough councillors and officers on this project. It is now up to us, the voters, to make sure that this plan is actioned and not shelved like the Pedalling Ahead plan.

There is no reason, other than the lack of political will, that Adur & Worthing could not become an example to the rest of the country in how to manage its transport infrastructure. If implemented the LCWIP will be a big bonus to drivers as well as cyclists and walkers.

Any infrastructure improvements will only encourage people to ride and walk if there is a change in driving habits. Obviously, it would be impossible to have a segregated cycle lane on every road in the town. Our roads are adequate and perfect for children to cycle to school on. The problems we have here in Worthing are the drivers. The new infrastructure should remind car drivers that the roads in the town are to be shared with walkers, cyclist, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, guide dogs, young children, the elderly, pushchairs and prams. Why not ask your local borough or county councillors if children will ever be able to cycle to school in Worthing. If they answer yes, asked them when!

I live in hope……

Find your West Sussex County Councillor

Find your Worthing Borough Councillor

Find your Adur Borough Councillor

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