That lovely feeling when you’ve ridden hard.

We had to get back in a hurry. We didn’t say anything. We didn’t need to. The three us had done this many times before. First one takes a pull then the next, never really changing the order. Every once in a while one might show signs of slight weakness or extra strength but we stayed locked on each other’s wheel knowing always that we are stronger together. The mission was to get home on time. I miscalculated the distance and so for an hour we fort a loosing battle. Full tilt all the way home. Whilst it took nearly an hour we were fifteen minutes late but there is still a certain satisfaction to be had from riding at a pace that solo I would struggle to manage even a quarter of an hour let alone one hour. We barely had a word between us entire ride. You need to concentrate when riding like that. It was a shame that the protégé wasn’t with us. It would have been a lesson for the young man. He would have learnt a lot about endurance, working together, staying on a wheel, conserving energy and on the go recovery. Riding wheel to wheel, millimetres between our tyres is awesome. Three bikes suddenly become one. It requires trust and a calm and relaxed mindset. Rock-on!

I say relaxed mindset but when I flick an elbow, I really meant it. I was hanging… Then I’d get that panic in case I couldn’t hold the following wheel. After each turn I was too far gone to do any chasing. If the elastic snapped I was a gonner. Today, none of us stretched the elastic far at all. We stayed together. Our ride consisted of and easy ride out and then the race home so I did the arithmetic. Our ride back was 33km in 56 minutes, that’s an average of 35.4kph or for the old schoolers 22mph.

There were moments this morning when I actually felt like proper bike rider which is surprising as I led from Halnaker only to blow up before the turn. I love my old bike.

I want to mountain bike but when I have a bunch of mates keen to ride like this I just can’t turn them down.

Finally, I shouldn’t be able to ride like this so I have to thank Infinityfitnessjourney for keeping me in shape and strong enough to enjoy the potential of my body. Thanks Charlie. I thank my Mum & Dad too as they gave me the genes.

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