Tasty steel hard tail today

I couldn’t ride today and I won’t be out tomorrow either. It doesn’t matter my legs are hurting from running too fast yesterday.

There was a lot of riding here though with 21 on the Quest Adventure mixed ride and 6 on the girl’s ride. It was muddy but no one came back really splattered. Well done to Jim and Clare, our ride leaders, as they were both feeling under the weather.

I’ve been told that we are a mountain bike shop yet we sold three road bikes today. So where do these reputations come from?

Today, whilst selling road bikes, we built up the Cotic Soul.  The parts were from a Scott Spark which means that we can sell it for a lot less than the full retail of £1695.  Next week, as soon as we have a dry day, I’ll test ride the Wilier Gran Turismo and let you know how it rides.

Cotic Soul

Sunday is riding day so whilst I am working in the kitchen spare a thought for me during your rides.

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