July is made for road riding

I know that we are luckier than most with the seemingly endless miles of trails across the South Downs and the North Downs being less than an hour away but, come on! It’s July so you pretty well have to ride on the road.  I am not alone in that thought either, there was a group either going my way or the opposite on every single road that I pedalled on today. We are beginning to look like a cycling Nation. July is Tour de France time.

I rode on my own today and tried to take it easy but without a heart rate monitor I find it really difficult to keep the effort down. So whilst I didn’t red line it I probably worked harder than I wanted to.

Last week was all about me looking the part. This week I gave the bike a make over. New bar tape, white Hudz and some new Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres.

Nice eh! It didn’t make me any faster but today was about enjoying the ride.

I met up with one group and decided to join them and was surprised to see Andy up at the front. It was good to chat and ride with him back from renovating his retirement home in the Suisse Normande. You’ll remember Andy and Vanessa from the The Bike Store.

The Kit

Wilier Cento Uno with Lizard Skin bar tape and white Hudz and Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyre (very light and very puncture proof as used by Leopard Trek).

As for the clothes, its the base layer again that makes every ride so comfortable, from the chill of the morning to the heat of midday. It the cheapest bit of clothing but the most important and the hardest to sell. Hence the inclusion in the Summer Sale. Now 25% off.

Here’s the ride

So far this is the best Tour de France in years. That is why I want to ride the road. What do you think?



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