Wet windy and muddy

Today was a treat as I’d be riding with the Awesome Wootton, fresh after claiming another PB (52:41 – that’s an average of 28.47 mph!) and another session with Simon Smart in the wind tunnel at Drag2Zero. That last session has resulted in another 15 watts power (20sec over 10 miles!). Also joining us was young Will. The forecast was for wet but it wasn’t cold so I only needed a jersey and base layer.

There was a strong south westerly so we had to head out west. Without a plan we just rode out towards Chichester and then found ourselves heading up over the downs towards East Dean, then onto Duncton and back via Sutton and Bignor. A pleasant run if ever there was one. However, we’ve had a lot of rain and this washes all sorts of debris onto the roads. My route choice was poor but as I rarely get punctures it never occurs to me to take a clean route. I’m using Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres which claim to be puncture protected.

First to puncture was Will. I think the cheap tyres supplied with his new bike were the main problem. He punctured again and then it was Jes’s turn. Jes can change a tub quicker than Will can do a puncture. Will was relying on us for pumps too. We’d used up Jes’s spare tub, Will’s spare tube and my spare tube so we needed either care or luck to get us home.

I’m off to the Pyrenees in a couple of weeks to spend several days just going up hill so you’d expect me to be at home on the climbs. If you’ve read any of these blogs you’ll know that I think of myself as a climber. That is a load of rubbish! I’ve been dropped on every single climb that I have done this year. Not a good record.

Each climb I watched Jes power away and then saw Will riding off the front. Will is just 16 and doesn’t know anything about road riding yet other than to pedal, but, boy, can he pedal? He has a great cycling life to look forward to.

As we crossed the South Downs Way on the A285 the farm had oozed out all over the road and we had mud splattered all over us and our bikes. Jes had cleaned his bike to perfection the day before . The cassette and chain looked as if they had just come out of a box. He had his new Zipp 404s on Chris King hubs and probably wished that he was on a cross bike. He was not amused and I can’t blame him. My bike is filthy. Despite all, I really enjoyed the ride and love riding in this wet warm weather.

 Here is the ride, we rode some of the return leg very cautiously.

Take a look at Drag2Zero. They also helped produce the Scott Plasma3 and the new Scott Foil road bike.

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  1. Jes says:

    Ehh Up JP, fair do’s , as a regular tester I am getting a bit picky about the conditions for riding, to be fair if it’s racing i’ll turn up and ride, but if it’s training then I do try to select a route to suit the weather etc

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