Sometimes it’s all in the mind – the social implementation of pain

I couldn’t wait for last night’s Tuesday Thrash. I hadn’t really ridden since last week’s. I had done a few runs and a short easy mountain bike ride on Sunday so I was raring to go.   We set of slowly but then on The Warren and Crockhurst some loony raced up. I tried to control him but I was already too far gone and gave up fighting with myself. My mistake! The die was cast and from that moment on I suffered.

One of the new guys tucked up nicely in his Tri-aero position really stretched us out along the Prom. I was hanging! I later had a quiet word. I started with a friendly chat, found out who his coach was and suggested that he’d get more out of the ride if he eased up every now and again so that he’d get someone to push him too. Of course the only reason for that was to give me a chance to catch up.

I felt that I was digging ever deeper and deeper doing stupid things. I chased Glyn on the final leg of the seafront five bike lengths behind and him drafting a car. I read 47.5 kph on the speedo. What was I thinking when he said that he was going for the Teville Gate Bridge sprint and I went after him? After what I thought was a sterling effort I must admit that the Strava report looks pretty average. On a ride like that the individual efforts on each sprint are not well represented so I may have been working hard or, perhaps, I just having a bad day. I certainly found it fast and tough despite my original optimism.

I have to thank the bunch for giving me such an awesome and social evening. At least as chatty and friendly as my mountain bike ride but with a lot more reward (and effort). Thanks also to some of the drivers that gave us priority – very Euro and much appreciated!

Here’s the ride I was mild and dry despite the BBC’s pessimism and as usual the wind was all over the place. Does anyone remember what it is like to ride with a tailwind?

Bike Wilier Cento Uno with Conti GP4000s 25mm tyres.

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