Masochism and the joys of riding a bike

Suffering is what many cyclists want. Why enter a sportive if you don’t want to suffer? Never enter a race if you don’t want pain. But people do. Quite normal sensible people do. Why? Perhaps that in a our safe, over eating, under exercising, often desk bound and motoring lives we, occasionally and for some often, feel the need to get back to animal basics and push our bodies as they were designed to be pushed. Metaphorically speaking of course, our Neanderthal cousins never had bikes but they didn’t have roads either.

I seem to be hell bent on getting back to my primitive roots. Last Tuesday was tougher than ever, running home on Wednesday was a strain, Friday’s (failed) attempt to break some Strava records really hurt and the final blow was yesterday’s supposedly social ride. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever ride a bike “just for fun”.

Whilst this may seem masochistic I do derive an enormous pleasure in being able to push myself “just that bit harder”. I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to be beaten. It might seem petty but it’s not serious, it’s just cycling, it’s a fun thing. That ability to push just that bit harder is what kept me going, kept me motivated in mountain bike races. So I think that there is only one way that all this is leading. I need to race a mountain bike. Hopefully, I can finish this by saying: watch this space!

Chilling - literally - in June
Chilling – literally – in June

Here’s the ride, damn cold even for March and we were only 5 days off midsummer. Thanks to Bing and Tim for the route. It is well worth down loading if you want a pretty and hilly excursion.

I wore perhaps my favourite and most used bit of clothing: my gilet. Small, rolls up to not much bigger than a Zipvit gel and has been keeping me warm, rain, shine, winter and summer for years. Costs hardly anything and yet hardly anyone owns one!!! I would have frozen without it. More on gilets.

Finally, there were riders on virtually every bit of road that we went on. I never thought that Britain would every get like this. Hooray!

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