I can’t beleive it’s winter!

Some plans are destined to fail. For the last few years I have had a small winter riding group. The group consists of a bunch of riders that have more to their lives than just cycling and so an early start is essential. They are also willing to work so that the pace isn’t too mundane. In life things happen and over time some riders drop out or are temporarily unavailable. On Saturday I sent out a text and included the route. I had not done that before but then realised why. So, on Sunday as I rode around picking up the team, it dawned on me that no one had done this before, your truly excepted.

Puncture stop - not a bit of mud anywhere
Puncture stop – not a bit of mud anywhere

I duly explained where we would go and headed off saying that we should take it easy. They happily followed for 30k. It wasn’t until the road to Oving that I got another rider to the front. The route (it’s worth doing) avoids main roads and takes in some very pretty scenery but with so many twists and turns it needed a leader. It was hard work, and then, once near home and the route more familiar I was knackered and getting dropped.

I know that I have been giving a positive spin to the weather and the road riding of late but yesterday was truly remarkable for January. It was more reminiscent of May. The sun was out, it was mild (Jon wore shorts!), the sky was blue and the roads cleaner than I have ever seen them. The only unusual feature was the amount of water laying or flowing across the little lanes at the base of the Downs.

Even the Downs are drying out! No I have not ventured out on my bike but I have been

Enjoying the sun
Enjoying the sun and the Scott Addict 10

walking the dog or running and the ground is not squelching under foot and the fear of falling with every step has gone. REJOICE! All we need now are a few trips with saws to clear the trees from some of our favourite trails.

Here’s the ride, worth doing, just less than 90k. Bike: Scott Addict 10 – faultless. I wonder what it would be like with some superlight wheels, perhaps it will fly!

After finishing the day walking the dog around QE Country Park I can feel the urge to ride in the dirt coming back. It’s amazing how those mini table tops and jumps look like a kinder garden cycle track whilst walking and how intimidating they look when coming up to them on your bike. Hopefully I’ll nail them next time around.

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